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Simon Is A Creative
Retoucher And Digital
operator, Based in San Francisco.

Working at the forefront of digital production, with global advertising agencies and award winning photographers.

Post Production

Working with some of the world’s leading photographers and art directors, Simon has provided creative post-production services on an extensive range of international brand campaigns and magazine editorials.

Simon works to provide services tailor-made to each client by utilising photo-realistic image manipulation, composition, grading, high-end retouching and his essential understanding of colour relationships.

His creative mindset and problem-solving skills ensure the final image fully delivers the client’s vision.

From the simple retouching of a photograph to the production of billboards; top quality photo-realistic stills work is one of the most important aspects of advertising.

Digital Capture

As a Phase One certified professional, Simon has been working professionally as a Digital Operator for the past six years. Using his extensive experience and the latest technology, Simon delivers a smooth, stress free digital workflow with a reliable file handling methodology to ensure all your files are safe.

Fitting in with the photographic shoot is of utmost importance. Simon prides himself on being able to integrate seamlessly into the team, supporting and advising as needed whilst allowing the creative process to take place at the pace of the art director and photographer.

As a retoucher, Simon has the experience, fine attention to detail and excellent technical knowledge to anticipate and resolve problems during a shoot thus ensuring the shots produced are optimised for retouching. His understanding of both continuous and flash lighting allows him to assist on set as well as to manage the capture process.

Simon also provides the optional services of on-site retouching, compositing and grading to aid creative decision-making. This is particularly effective when creating multi-part compositions.

HDRI Capture

High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) or “domes” provide the perfect lighting and reflection solution for any CGI based campaign.


High-Resolution spherical panoramic images gives the source the accurate reflections and refractions from the real world environment.